Glory was established in 1953. Its core business was the manufacture of disc albums and sleeves. Since 1980, Glory has used its creative spirit and industry experience to create packaging for luxury products.

Currently, Glory is focused on designing and manufacturing high-end paper bags and boxes.

Glory primarily works for luxury international groups and offers a range of original, creative products that are uncompromising in terms of their quality of materials and their finish.

Glory is one of the key players in the bag market for luxury brands.


A team of high-quality creatives and manufacturers
Glory provides a team of creatives and manufacturers who will ensure that your products are manufactured in the best conditions.
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These services are also extended to Asia via our Hong Kong office which manages all logistics and distribution operations within this region.


Online Sale
Glory has also developed the Comptoir de l’Emballage TM to enable us to respond to urgent requests with standard personalisable products. Comptoir de l’emballage offers a large range of promotional packaging, (silk paper ,ribbons, envelops, shopping bags) available on stock and  always at the forefront of fashion and delivered within 48 hours.

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